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Basic requirements for leasing:

1. Minimum Income: three (3) times the rent amount (example: $400 per month rent x 3=$1200) verifiable thru employers, CPA's, or Income tax returns (most recent 2 years showing net income).

2. Credit: we run credit reports thru Kroll factual data, our main criteria for not leasing to you is if you have any evictions or broken leases on your history. We are also looking at if you are responsible to handle your personal obligations.

3. Rental history: we prefer to see a minimum of 6 months verifiable history, in certain circumstances such as recently selling your primary residence, divorce, etc this requirement can be modified or waived.

4. Job history: we require a minimum of 6 months history, we prefer more time on your job or career. If you have been in the same line or type of work this counts toward you time on your job.

all applications are evaluated on a case by case basis. we look at all factors before determining acceptance or denial of the applicant. We abide by the fair housing laws. The owner of the property has the final say in acceptance or denial of the application. We have an application fee of $35.00 that is non-refundable on all properties.

Please Print out and fill in all three sheets for move in inventory.

 Move In Sheet 1

 Move In Sheet 2

 Move In Sheet 3



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